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Sign Up to Uniti & Earn $50! How Does It Work?

Get Super-Fast Broadband for your home or business and earn an eGift Card worth $50. How, you ask? Step 1 – Find an existing Uniti Customer Step 2 – Ask them for their ‘Customer Referral Code’ (or shout on our Facebook Page for a Uniti customer to share their code) Step 3 – Choose your plan Step 4 – Use their code in the ‘Referral Code’ field when you sign-up After you are successfully connected and pay your first invoice we then email you an eGift Card worth $50 (see where you can redeem your eGift Card below).

How Do I Use the Referral Code & Get My eGift Card?

Just Follow 3 x EASY steps: 1. Choose your plan here: or call 1300 847 201 and one of our friendly Aussie customer service team members can help you with your selection. 2. Enter your details and check your address. If the address check is unclear, call our customer service team on 1300 847 201 so they can double check it for you (or you can even use our web chat on the bottom right of your screen. 3. Click on SignUp and enter the code you’ve been given in the ‘Referral Code’ field. Too easy! Your eGift Card (worth $50) will then be emailed to you after your install is complete and you have paid your first invoice.

Who Can Get Involved?

Anyone who wants to get a Super-Fast Uniti Residential or Business Internet connection. Who wouldn’t, we say!

Uniti Customers WIN too!

The Uniti customer who shares their Referral Code with you also scores an eGift card worth $50! So they’ll be cheering too. SO DON’T FORGET! When you sign up, you can start sharing your referral code too! The more people you refer, the more eGift cards you can get. Yes, it’s unlimited until the 30th of June! Think of all of those dollars… just for spreading the word about Uniti. For full Terms & Conditions CLICK HERE P.S. You can swap your card for an eGift card from any of these Aussie retailers: