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Sick of providers who don’t deliver? Need always fast, always reliable fixed broadband in your life? Uniti is the answer. But don’t take our word for it. We let our real customers do the talking, and they are raving about our Super-Fast Broadband! If after reading these great experiences you want to try our Always-Fast Broadband for yourself, check out our great value plans.

From Google Reviews:


Uniti Wireless have made so many things possible. I use Uniti at home and primarily we use it for entertainment and social media. Before Uniti, watching a 5 mins video without buffering on YouTube was a big challenge. We are so very pleased to switch to Uniti and have super fast connection. On average we connect to 5 devices at any given time and never had any issues with connectivity and speed. Even during extreme weather conditions the connection is very reliable. To top up, Uniti provides hot spots at many locations in Adelaide. The customer service is great and staff are friendly. I strongly recommend Uniti Wireless to anyone looking for reliable connectivity and speed.


Well we went from a crazy household of kids screaming at each other because the speeds were rediculously slow and just not good enough for what we needed, forget using the old ADSL, Uniti has saved our family unity!!! Thank you so much!!!


Imagine if you had an awesome but eccentric uncle. Now imagine this uncle got fed up with the NBN (or lack of it) and installed wi-fi dishes all around your city. You’d think he was nuts but you’d want his plan to work. Then he gives you access to his awesome wireless network and it is faster and more reliable than the NBN! Thanks Uniti, you guys rock.


When we first moved into our property we were so excited to be a mere 700m from the ADSL exchange and expected great internet speeds! We tried signing up for broadband… and came up short. Eventually we learned that not only were there no free ports for us, but the speeds we’d get even if we managed to get connected would be awful.

Months without home internet went by, and eventually we decided to take the plunge on wireless with Uniti. We had no idea what to expect from a wireless service but it’s been wonderful! Steady download speeds are nice, but the upload speeds have opened up new opportunities as well. I can not only stream the video games I play, but host broadcasts for my gaming community which involves having at least two download streams running at once and sometimes also two upload streams going at the same time. (Granted we don’t stream at too high a bitrate.)

Uniti’s support has been good, helping us troubleshoot issues with our connection and usually with a great turnaround time. However we notice maintenance tends to get scheduled outside of business hours. Usually they overestimate the impact on our service downtime so it’s not out for as long as they warn but it’s always a bit nervewracking to think about a Saturday or Sunday at home without the internet.


Dear Che,
I want to compliment the Uniti Team. I placed an order on Wednesday and it was installed on Friday. The way my questions were answered in the sales process were excellent. In the deployment your staff were fantastic. I want to particularly note that I was contacted to let me know that there was a delay in the installers getting to my place due to an issue that had come up at another install. That is not what you get with the incumbent providers.

Finally, the Uniti installers they were fantastic. They discussed all aspects of the installation with me and outlined placement options with pros and cons. They were surprisingly polite and courteous, this is important as they will probably be the only ‘face-to-face’ contact that your customers will ever see of your company. When they completed the work they left every thing clean and tidy, they were great ambassadors for Uniti. Excellent service all around but most of all I now have a proper broadband service. I did a speedtest on my incumbant ADSL+ yesterday 5.26Mbs Download / 0.86 Upload. Speedtest for Uniti Wireless 26.85 Mbs Download | 11.28 Upload | Ping 7ms. Thank you. The install team said I could even get the raptor speeds at my location!!!!


been using the net for 20+ years.. 2400bps dial-up, 56K, 128k one way satellite, (this is where i tried bribing Helstra into getting ADSL into our suburb, and failed!) then later, adsl, adsl2+ and now wireless. Uniti Wireless is the best thing since sliced bread. It J-U-S-T works. And since the NBN isnt available here for at least another 2 years, well Uniti was a natural choice. NBN speed now, at comparable prices and very generous data allowance. So now son can download the whole internet (again), whilst wife watches Netflix, and I surf the web trouble free. No slow speeds (even during downpours) no dropouts, no drama! Uniti rules!!!!


I had been with a well known internet provider for many years paying for a premium service but receiving poor speeds, consistent drop outs and terrible customer service. Working as a photographer I often need to send and receive large amounts of high res files which I would have to setup to download or upload overnight with no guarantee that it would be done by morning due to the internet either dropping out or the slow speeds not handling the workload. Finally after getting tired of spending every other week on the phone with tech support only to be told the same thing over I decided to jump ship. After researching a bunch of different providers I called Uniti to see if the service was available in my area and lucky for me a tower had just been put up close by. They had me setup within the week. Installation was quick and I was able to start using the internet immediately. Speeds were blazingly fast, actually better than advertised and I celebrated by streaming 5 videos at once 😆 In all seriousness though Uniti has saved me hours and hours of frustrating lost time in my workday. Uploads that used to take me hours are now done in minutes and developing my skills through online tutorial videos can be done in my lunch break rather than having to block out my entire afternoon waiting for a clip to buffer. Best decision I’ve made all year. Very happy customer.


Living only just a few minutes drive from Melbourne CBD, a decent internet connection in the area would of just been a given in 2017…unfortunately this was not the case. With no NBN in sight until late 2019 we were stuck on a sub-optimal 8/1 DSL connection, kilometres of cable away from the exchange..This was it until Uniti came along! We can now actually send an attachment with an email, or facebook message in 2017! (its the small things right?) Although our actual house did not have a clear line of sight to a tower, Uniti were only to happy to help provide a solution that could work. As it turned out for us, our neighbours had a perfectly clear LOS to the tower so Uniti were able connect both my neighbour and myself..and we both enjoy the benefits of a solid internet connection of today.. Highly recommend, get all your neighbours and friends involved, because this is an Australian business that deserves your business and support and in return will look after you as a customer, and strives to continue providing you with a faster internet connection as time goes by.

From Product Reviews:


Excellent reliable speed

Our existing DSL was terrible and NBN wasn’t coming anytime soon; I was in Internet hell. Heard about Uniti through a friend as an alternative to ADSL and NBN. I was initially worried that wireless service would be flakey but it has been brilliant to date. Solid as a rock.

The sign up process was easy and the cost almost identical to our DSL, so there was nothing to lose. Absolutely glad I did, as the service speed is more than 10x my DSL!

Installation went smoothly and the cabling was routed exactly where I wanted it, and I got a free router.

My only gripes would be that uniti don’t provide ancillaries such as an email account or news servers, but if you use gmail then doesn’t really matter. Also once I was set up there was a small delay in customer service advising me of the customer login details. Overall though customer service was generally responsive.

Would definitely recommend to others.


So happy Uniti have come along
I decided to go with Uniti after waiting for NBN in my area and I am annoyed that I didn’t do it sooner….
I’m getting speeds 10 times faster than I was getting with ADSL+ from Telstra and paying less……
Uniti were great to deal with….. set me up quickly and were extremely responsive and communicated with me during the whole process….
I’ve happily been recommending all my friends to join….


Happy Household- I am now officially mother of the year!
I am now the mother of the year as the kids do not have to stop watching a movie or playing a game so I can do some work. No more 1 hour movies watched over 3 hours killing time while buffering and literally losing the plot- of the movie and from frustration. We went from 4-8 mbps with Optus to 24 mbps with Uniti, saved money and we live 2km from the city centre. Installation was quick, easy and ontime. Next we are going to revolutionise the office!


Uniti are a game changer
Got Uniti installed at my place in Port Melbourne in May 2017 and am super impressed. Given the coverage from Eureka Tower (and expansions planned elsewhere), I highly recommend to look into this. I had Internode ADSL2+ with Annex M and usually synced at 19/1.7 (Mbps). Uniti gives me 50/10 (Mbps) solid. NBN is years away for me and now I’m not even interested.

Ping speeds and throughput is great. Backups, cloud and office VPN are super fast. A backup software bug deleted over 750GB of precious family photos. I completed another cloud bac kup in just 9 days (instead of 6 weeks via ADSL).

Their Co-CEO Che Metcalfe and ISP reps are active on Whirlpool Broadband forums, listening to customer feedback and improving processes for their growing business. Che’s style is reminiscent of leading Australian ISP entrepreneurs such as Simon Hackett (ex-Internode) and Michael Malone (ex-iiNet) which gives them a bright future. Proud to be with a growing ISP challenging the NBN.

Experience so far:
• Signup was easy
• Confirming install time was easy
• 9 calendar days lead time from signup to install is good
• Installers arrived dead on time 7:30am, in the rain
• One installer was female, rocking tattoo and mohawk (A+ for diversity)
• Installers were clean, polite and accommodated requests for mast location and plate install
• Cable routing, building entry and wall plates were well installed
• Antenna mast and infrastructure looks robust and well setup
• Install was completed in 3 hours, stunning for the $99 install price
• Enabling RAPTOR was instantaneous
• Ping speed and throughput are absolutely fantastic and as advertised
• Install price and ongoing monthly price are very good value
• Referred a friend and got an account credit.
• Coverage maps recently updated with very large increases in planned coverage
• ISP representatives active on Whirlpool and take on board feedback

Uniti are a game changer.


A life-changing experience is an understatement!!!
Not having visibility of my home, Uniti got back in contact with me once it was available. The installation process was seamless with friendly & professional staff. Unlike many other providers, we weren’t invoiced until after the connection was found to be up & running. I now get higher internet speeds than what I signed up for and at a lower cost than my earlier troublesome, fluctuating ADSL connection. In fact, due to my oversight, my speed got shaped and even that seemed fast enough to manage for a couple of days.

Uniti customer support h ave a callback option and emails are being attended to promptly. All this besides a trouble-free internet connection.

Uniti Wireless have well and truly taken my internet experience to the next level!!!


Changed our country life for the better!

Prior to Uniti we only had one option in our country area. We were paying $110 a month for 2gb i! We now pay $70 for 300gb and never run out! Saved us from many a family meltdown! Works well, good personal service, quick answers to queries and good setup. I love that this company is young and vibrant and can only recommend them highly and hope they take over the world!


Best Service I’ve Ever Had

I have a 300GB Uniti plan and live in Brooklyn Park SA which is right near the airport. I transferred my internet to Uniti from Internode after being unhappy with their service, costs and internet speeds.

Since installing Uniti, I’ve not only had a stronger connection and faster upload and download speeds, but their customer service is amazing. I’ve been so happy, everytime I have had a rare drop out of internet or issue, someone from Uniti has gotten back to me quickly and solved my issue efficiently.

Having the satellite literally on your roof is definitely worth it as the improvements to my connection have been second to none. I have recommended Uniti to friends and family and couldn’t be happier with the service.


Fast internet in the Adelaide Hills !!!!! wow!!!
I live in Teringie ,Adelaide hills, wonderful location except for terrible internet and mobile reception,X mark the spot to make a phone call and after 5 years as suffering client of Adam internet (people living in the hills know what i am about ) I was given an option be quite or leave, and I left.
Myself and other residents discover that Uniti Wireless had a tower in the area, we contacted the company and to our surprise one of the directors came to inspect the sites.
They added a new antenna to the tower facing the hills and I am now conne cted to Uniti wireless , after so much frustration, Internet ,fast when you needed it ( it feel like a blind man regain its sight ).
Thank you Unity! ,the antenna fitters great job , the sales staff very friendly , hoping to a long and smooth relationship.

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