CommUniti Network

Uniti Wireless has a vision to build Australia’s largest free public WiFi network, accessible to everyone, regardless of your Carrier or ISP. Not everyone can afford broadband and they depend on public WiFi to stay connected. Uniti strongly believes every Australian has the right to access the Internet, especially where they live, not just in the local cafe or CBD.

Key Features

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  • Free Access

    Accessing CommUniti is free for everyone regardless of your income.

  • Hyper-local

    Businesses & community groups can connect with people who live & visit your area, growing your CommUniti.

  • Accessible

    CommUniti is available to you in the suburbs where you need it, not just the CBD.

  • Truly Outdoor

    Low impact, carrier grade, outdoor WiFi access points create the CommUniti network.

  • WiFi

    Built with WiFi technology so connecting all of your devices is easy.

  • Secure

    All CommUniti network traffic is totally secure and encrypted for your protection. Take the worry out of roaming.

  • Easy

    Connect once and the network will remember you wherever you connect again.

  • People

    CommUniti is the People’s Network provided for the people by us, The Uniti People.

People holidaying or doing business in your CommUniti can now stay connected, making their stay easy & more enjoyable.

The CommUniti network helps to take the load off of strained 3G and 4G networks improving performance for everyone.

CommUniti lets you move around your neighbourhood, stay connected over WiFi, avoiding using your costly mobile data.

CommUniti Commitment

Uniti wireless is committed to delivering value to the CommUnities that we work in. If you have a great idea about how you could work with us in your CommUniti we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at with some detailed information about your idea.

Uniti Wireless, your ISP with a focus on CommUniti.