Customer Referrals

How Does It Work?

Refer new customers to us and once they are successfully installed, you will earn and accrue CommUniti Dollars (CUD$). Each successful referral adds CUD$50 CommUniti Dollars to your Account. Build up or use your CUD$’s as credits on your monthly bill, or spend them on service add-ons.

1 x CommUniti Dollar (CUD$) = AUD$1.00

Who Can Get Involved?

All existing customers that have a Uniti Internet Account.

How Do I Use My CommUniti Dollars?

Build up (CUD$) dollars to use as:

1. Account credits. Save money on your monthly bill
2. On Extras. Spend them on great value add-on’s. E.g. The Raptor, Velociraptor and more.

Your CommUniti Dollars are non-transferable and can’t be converted into cash. For as long as your Account is Live, as a Uniti customer, the CUD$ Dollars associated with that Account will not expire.

New Customers Save too!

Every customer you refer also SAVES $$$! All connected referees receive CUD$50 in their Account on sign-up! What a great way to incentivise your friends and networks to make the switch to Uniti.

That’s the equivalent of saving 50% OFF Residential Activation!
Or 50% OFF the first monthly business bill (24 month/500GB).

How Do I Refer New Customers to Uniti?

Just Follow 3 x EASY steps:

1. Ask them to apply here: or call 1300 847 201

2. Ask to them to use your Unique Referral Code in the ‘Referral Code’ section of their application or they can tell it to Customer Service on the phone

3. Once they’re successfully connected, your CUD$50 will automatically show up in your Customer Portal.

How Do I Get My Unique Referral Code?

To send your Unique Referral Code to friends and network:

1. Log into your Customer Portal

2. Find your Unique Code in the ‘Your Details’ section (top left)


If your code is used at Sign-up, the referral is registered to your Account. When the Sign-up is successfully connected, CUD$50 will be automatically added to your CommUniti Dollars tally in the ‘Your Details’ section.

How Do I Use My CommUniti Dollars?

1. Log into your Customer Portal

2. Check how much CUD$ you’ve earned

3. Go to your ‘Invoice Record’ section and click on ‘Use CommUniti Dollars’! Your invoice will then be automatically updated with the amount of credit you apply.

The more people you refer, the more CUD$ you can use and the more $$$ you can save on your Uniti Internet.

Your ongoing support is invaluable to our growth, as we strive to reach as many Aussie as we can to deliver them the broadband they deserve.

So we want to let you, our customers, do the talking. What better advocates are there than YOU, the person who knows what it’s like to experience our Super-Fast reliable broadband!

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