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How does Enterprise Fixed Wireless Work?

Uniti use a mix of fixed wireless and fibre technology to bring you our ‘fiber through the air’ solution. Our Enterprise Fixed Wireless service offers offices, shopping centres, hotels, sporting venues and other commercial premises dedicated, symmetrical Internet, capable of up to 1Gbps!


Dedicated Support

Our expert team is based in Australia and we’re here to help! Our Enterprise customers have a dedicated account manager and enjoy priority support.


Our network transit services are provided by a range of tier-1 providers in Australia including Vocus and TPG.


Your state of the art service uses the latest technology and equipment from the worlds leading providers, allowing us to provide you with guaranteed bandwidth and uptime.


Since your business is our business, we make sure your high-speed broadband solution works just as hard as you do.


Our enterprise level services can be built on a Point-to-Point (PTP) connection so you will be guaranteed bandwidth on a non-shared network.


We know in the world of Internet and tech, things can get a little confusing. So we’ve put together some of our frequently asked questions to help you get up to speed.

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Can I pick up my router from the Uniti office?

I am switching to Uniti from another service provider. Will my internet go down when I change providers?

What type of IP address is provided?

Which providers does Uniti use?

How does billing work?

What are some of the factors that affect my internet speed?

What is the difference between and internal and external network?

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