Uniti Wireless (ASX:UWL) to list on ASX


Uniti Wireless has been disrupting the telecommunications industry since 2014 and making big moves to change the way Australians experience Internet. The Adelaide-based company is excited to list on the Australian Stock Exchange in February 2019. Uniti has an experienced and capable team, including CEO Michael Simmons, who has been in the telecommunication industry for 30 years. Speaking on h[…]


I’m desperate for Uniti’s Super-Fast Broadband! How do I get you in my area?


Is all the buffering driving you crazy? Have you finally had enough of slow internet? Yep, we feel you. Many of Uniti’s customers used to be just like you. In a perfect world, Team Uniti would provide super-fast broadband to all Aussie homes and businesses, but unfortunately, Father Christmas didn’t get our wish list last holiday. The good news is that there is a way to get us to your suburb f[…]


Your Opportunity to Become a Shareholder in Uniti Wireless Limited


 Uniti Wireless Limited (UWL) is undertaking an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and plans to list on the Australian Stock Exchange at the end of January 2019, with share applications being accepted from the 18th December. Our valued customers already enjoy the benefits of our Super-Fast fixed wireless broadband services, as an alternative to the NBN and replacement for ADSL services. No[…]


5 quick ways to prepare your internet for the holidays


Holidays can be tough for your internet. The kids are home and demanding more and more data every day, Netflix is tempting you with cliche but amazing holiday movies, overseas relatives are expecting that Skype call you’ve been avoiding all year....urgh! It’s all too much for one service! Or is it? Read on for tips on how to prepare your internet for the holidays! Upgrade to an unlimited […]


What’s the deal with Uniti not guaranteeing maximum speeds 24/7?


We get asked a lot why we don’t guarantee our customers maximum speeds all the time, which is a fair question. After all, if you’re going to switch to an NBN Alternative, you need to know that you’ll get what you’re paying for. Yep, we get it. So let’s break it down. Turns out no ISP can guarantee maximum speeds 24/7 It’s true. While technology has helped move the telecommunications in[…]


What to expect on Installation Day


So you’re officially on board Uniti’s Super-Fast Broadband train, you’ve booked in your installation and you’re feeling pumped. Your online life is about to get much easier and faster. But what happens now? What exactly does your installation involve? The first thing you can be sure of is that THERE WILL BE NO DIGGING ON YOUR PROPERTY. Phew! Now that that’s out the way, let’s get to the nitty-gr[…]


Uniti Wireless awarded $5 million as part of SA government’s Future Jobs Fund


The Australian Financial Review has today announced that Uniti Wireless has received $5 million in funding as part of SA Government's Future Jobs Fund. Uniti’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Ali Foster says, “South Australia has an amazing entrepreneurial spirit and is leading the way in terms of technology and innovation. We are pleased the Government is backing us financially and can see[…]


“When your internet’s going well, you don’t even think about it - which is the way it should be, really.”


Marilyn and Rob can still remember the frustration of dealing with super slow internet. Stuck on an outdated ADSL connection, they’d spend hours on the phone trying to troubleshoot issues with customer service reps who were not even in the same time zone. “Before Uniti, we had constant problems with our internet either dropping out or extremely slow speeds, to the point that we couldn’t use i[…]


Uniti's Co-founders Named As Finalists in EY's 2018 'Entrepreneur of the Year' Awards


Ernst & Young (EY) has named Uniti Wireless' Co-founders, Sasha Baranikov and Che Metcalfe, as finalists in the 2018 'Entrepreneur of the Year' awards. "After being assessed by a panel of judges across criteria including innovation, personal integrity and influence, financial performance and national and global impact, the winner of this year’s Central Region award - across South Australia […]


Uniti Wireless announces ‘Uniti 10G’. The future of Broadband has arrived!


Internet disruptor and NBN alternative, Uniti Wireless, is excited to announce the launch of 'Uniti 10G', a 10 Gigabit-capable fixed wireless broadband network in partnership with City of Campbelltown!   ‘Uniti 10G' is the first of its kind in South Australia. It will connect residents and businesses throughout the Council’s suburbs, making speeds of up to 10Gbps possible. City of Campb[…]


Co-Founder & COO, Sasha Baranikov, named Top 40 Under 40 & 'Inspiring Disruptor'!


A huge shout out to our Co-Founder & COO, Sasha Baranikov, who was not only named as one of InDaily’s Top 40 Under 40 last night, she won the Underwood Executive 'Inspiring Disruptor Award'! Sasha was recognised for her vision, thought leadership and ability to push boundaries to disrupt a competitive market. Sasha founded Uniti Wireless with Che Metcalfe in 2014 after seeing the growing ne[…]


Life With Super Slow Internet


Have you read the Ookla Speed Test Global Index yet? According to this report, Australia now ranks globally for Internet speeds at number 55. For the lucky country, that’s a shocking stat and Team Uniti is not happy about it! Now of course, we’re not the only ones rolling in the slow lane. Our good friends Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates are right down there with us (54 & 56 respect[…]


Uniti Wireless Wins 3rd place in the 2018 Fast Movers SA Awards!


We’re excited to be one of the Top 3 fastest growing companies in SA, recognised for our exceptional growth and innovation!   As an NBN alternative, our aim at Uniti Wireless is to enable every Australian to reach their full potential. Uniti delivers the Super-Fast and reliable Internet service Australians are desperately seeking. Being awarded 3rd in the BDO Adelaide and Brand South Aust[…]


Breaking News: Optus fined $1.5m by ACCC over NBN Switch - Customers Misled for 2 Years


The Federal Court has whacked Optus with a $1.5 million fine after it found Australia’s second largest Internet provider had misled consumers for almost two years over the NBN, reports is today reporting another big telco, Optus, has been fined $1.5 million. This was for being found guilty of intentionally misleading their customers when it came to having to swit[…]


Uniti Wireless is Proud to be a Brand South Australia Ambassador!


Our Co-Founders Che Metcalfe and Sasha Baranikov Choose SA!   Uniti Wireless provides Super-Fast broadband to homes and businesses across Adelaide and Melbourne, with our sights set on expanding into new regions later this year. But! It is SA that we proudly call home. Launching in 2014, Uniti Wireless has grown from a bedroom start-up to an Internet Service Provider that employs more tha[…]


AmpliFi Your Wi-Fi and get the Internet Speed of Your Dreams


Have you AmpliFi-ed your WiFi yet? Not sure what it’s all about? Did you know that connections over WiFi and the Internet speed we deliver to your wall-plate are two different things? Uniti provides super-fast Internet speeds to your house via the wall-plate, but your router determines the WiFi network's speed within your home. So, for an optimal online experience, it's best to use a hi[…]


NBN Prices Are Unsustainable says Telstra's CEO


Telstra's CEO Andrew Penn has argued that the NBN's business model needs to change or else it will lead to higher prices for customers in the long term. At the CommsDay Summit in Sydney recently, Penn said that "this is bad for the NBN, bad for the industry but most of all it is bad for customers because it will impact affordability and Australia's competitiveness". So far, telcos have kept […]


Stronger Consumer Protections For NBN Users


Telstra's CEO Andrew Penn has argued that the NBN's business model needs to change or else it will lead to higher prices for customers in the long term. At the CommsDay Summit in Sydney recently, Penn said that "this is bad for the NBN, bad for the industry but most of all it is bad for customers because it will impact affordability and Australia's competitiveness". So far, telcos have kept […]


Not willing to wait for the NBN, I turned to fixed wireless


Three years ago, Raj Deut attempted to connect to the NBN in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. He had just bought an apartment in an area that was promised world-class Internet speeds by the NBN. "Each year the government changed their strategy with the NBN in my area and with each change came a delay. Moonee Ponds has been pushed from Fibre to the premises, to fibre to the node, to fibre to the curb, and […]


Uniti Wireless welcomes State Government’s ultra-fast network expansion


MEDIA RELEASE Internet Industry disruptor, South Australian founded Uniti Wireless, has experienced rapid growth since launching their ultra-fast fixed wireless broadband network in 2014. Servicing residents and businesses across Adelaide and Melbourne, they deliver an alternative broadband product to NBN retail services. “The great advantage is we’re independent, owning our network from end to e[…]


'Be the Drop' Podcast Interviews Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Sasha Baranikov


Our Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Sasha Baranikov, was interviewed on 'Be The Drop's' Podcast this week. Hear how the Uniti stories we tell are so important! "It's about that trust factor. So we do encourage our customers to share their stories and do the talking for us." Read or listen to the FULL interview here:[…]


Announcement: Adelaide Film Festival Major Sponsor


Uniti Wireless is excited to announce that we’re a Major Sponsor of the Adelaide Film Festival 2017. With the theme being ‘punk’, it’s right up our alley! Established since ‘02, the Film Festival is a two-week long celebration of the screen & arts culture from Australia and beyond. Over 60,000 film fans are expected to attend and they’ll enjoy hundreds of interesting and thought-provoking sho[…]


Uniti Wireless discuss their possible Initial Public Offer (IPO)


Our Co-founders, Che and Sasha, discuss Uniti's potential Initial Public Offer (IPO) next year. Experiencing high growth "we've received an influx of inbound demand from brokers and investors. Share prices of Telstra, Vocus and TPG have all taken a hammering because of the issues they're facing with the NBN. So people are coming to us, proposing more capital because they're seeing the opportunity[…]


Uniti Wireless interviewed by ABC Adelaide


In July, our Co-CEOs, Sasha Baranikov & Che Metcalfe were on "Mornings with Ali Clarke" on ABC Adelaide . In an open & honest interview, they shared their entrepreneurial journey and why they decided to take on the NBN. "Uniti Wireless is one of those things that started off as a small idea and then just grew and grew.." LISTEN HERE. […]


Uniti Wireless Featured on Fiveaa


Co-Founders & Co-CEOs, Che Metcalfe and Sasha Baranikov, were recently featured on FiveAA's Interactive Lounge in Adelaide. Speaking with Afternoon's Announcer Alan Hickey, they delved into the common myths surrounding fixed broadband Internet services and whether or not you HAVE to switch to the NBN. "There's a lack of education within the general public and people don't understand what th[…]


NBN rival rolls out in Aspendale Gardens


Frustrated by snail pace broadband speeds, Aspendale Gardens Residents Association lured Uniti Wireless to the suburb to set-up ahead of the NBN’s flagged rollout in 2019. Aspendale Gardens Residents Association president Andrew Bearsley believes that Uniti Wireless’ investment has brought the suburb into the 21st century. “It was really bad, we had to plan to download films hours before hand and[…]


‘Love is Blind but Passion Opens Your Eyes’


The Blind Craftsman - The Story Behind Uniti’s Wooden Puzzle It's not every day you meet people who inspire you to do better. This story is one of them. Sponsoring Port Adelaide Football Club this year, we invented the ‘Uniti Games’, an opportunity for fans to prove they are as Super-Fast as our Super-Fast broadband. To prove they were the super-fastest they had to complete mini challenges as qui[…]


ANNOUNCEMENT: Official Port Power Game Day Sponsor – Round 13


It’s official! We are proud to announce our Game Day Sponsorship of the Power vs. Lions clash this Saturday from 1pm. This AFL Season, we’ve partnered with the Port Adelaide Football Club to bring our footy loving fans a unique opportunity to WIN amazing prizes! We’re having lots of fun bringing you the #UnitiGames Challenge at Adelaide Oval, as well as an Exclusive Member offer and lots of givea[…]


Uniti Wireless on Today Tonight


Internet industry disrupter, Uniti Wireless, was recently featured on Today Tonight Adelaide. The feature focused on the company’s ability to provide SUPER-FAST broadband to homes and businesses NOW, across the country, giving Australians a much-needed alternative to the NBN. As the NBN continues to roll out very, very slowly, Uniti is expanding rapidly across South Australia and Victoria, and Na[…]


Internet Industry Disruptor Secures Millions with Aim to IPO


MEDIA RELEASE - 28.03.17 Last August two of Australia’s biggest Internet entrepreneurs, VOCUS Founder James Spenceley and Amcom founder Tony Grist, privately invested in South Australian super-fast wireless broadband company, Uniti Wireless. Within six months of securing this cornerstone investment, Uniti doubled its subscriber numbers and achieved an 80% increase in revenue. On the back of this[…]


7 Hot Tips for Choosing High Speed Internet


Internet has become an everyday necessity… a utility like water and power. People cannot live without it. But how often have you heard the words ‘my Internet is soooo slow!’ Or often have you spoken those words? So how do you sort the AMAZING from the poor? You don’t have to be a tech-head to get it right, you just need to know what to look for, and how to ask the right questions. […]


Uniti Secures Multi-million Tech Deal Clears Path for Expansion


MEDIA RELEASE Emerging South Australian wireless Internet company, UNITI Wireless, has attracted the backing of two of the nation’s biggest tech-entrepreneurs, an investment that will lead to more than 150 jobs and millions of dollars injected into the State’s economy in the next five years. James Spenceley, the founder and Executive Director of the $5bn VOCUS Communications - Australia’s fourth[…]


Uniti Wireless Set To Launch CommUniti


We have been working hard to bring you CommUniti and are set to launch it very soon. CommUniti is a free WiFi network in the suburbs that is free for everyone regardless of your ISP or Telco. CommUniti enables everyone to communicate over WiFi for free when on the go either visiting an area or in their own community. Each premise who signs up for Uniti Air broadband, whether it be a business or re[…]


Uniti Air delivers high speed broadband


The Uniti Air trial has launched in Adelaide, South Australia. We have started connecting our first customers at 25Mbps download and 10Mbps upload with great success. Many of the sites we have connected have the potential to run at twice the speed of the plans we are currently providing. With this in mind it will not be long until we can start offering a 50Mbps plan. The Uniti Air platform is uni[…]


New customers signing up thick & fast!


The last couple of months have been busy to say the least! The demand for Uniti Air wireless has been amazing. There have been a real mix of different customers interested in the service, proving the great need for our type of Internet service in the market. We have been able to connect every single new customer who has enquired to have the service installed. Not a bad strike rate for availabilit[…]