5 quick ways to prepare your internet for the holidays

5 quick ways to prepare your internet for the holidays

Holidays can be tough for your internet. The kids are home and demanding more and more data every day, Netflix is tempting you with cliche but amazing holiday movies, overseas relatives are expecting that Skype call you’ve been avoiding all year....urgh! It’s all too much for one service! Or is it? Read on for tips on how to prepare your internet for the holidays!

Upgrade to an unlimited data plan

Did you know that you can use your customer portal to buy more data or upgrade to an unlimited data plan? We’ve made it super easy for you to change upgrade your plan whenever you need to.

It’s a good idea to do this before the school holidays, just in case you need help from our support team, to set it up.  

Upgrade your internal WiFi

Yes, we do bang on about your internal WiFi regularly, but that’s because it makes such a huge difference to the quality of your internet service. Terrible internal WiFi equals an inconsistent internet experience throughout your home.  

So yes, do switch out your cheap router for a premium AmpliFi router, or buy a Meshpoint Extension if your home is a multi-storey house. Trust us, it’s definitely worth the investment.  

Let us know of any issues ASAP

The Uniti team works very hard to maintain consistently high speeds for you, but sometimes things happen. If you’re experiencing any issues with your service, we recommend you report this to Customer Service as soon as possible.  

This will give us enough time to look into and fix your issue, before the craziness of the holidays. Of course, before reporting any issues, you can try troubleshooting first as it could be a simple fix from your end.

If you’re moving in the new year, let us know in advance

We get it, moving can be a super stressful time, and it’s easy to forget the small things. It’s why it’s a great idea to let Uniti know well in advance, if you’re planning on moving in the new year.  

That’ll get the ball rolling on our end. So when you move into your new place, your Uniti service can be up and running as soon as possible. If you’re planning on moving anytime soon, feel free to email us.

Treat yourself to a $100 eGift card from Uniti

Umm, yes, that’s still a thing! Score some free Christmas gifts when you successfully refer a friend. That’s a $100 eGift for just ONE referral. Kaching!

It’s really easy to refer, just grab your unique referral code from your customer portal and share it as many times as you want, with whoever you want.  

Happy holidaying!