7 Hot Tips for Choosing High Speed Internet

7 Hot Tips for Choosing High Speed Internet

Internet has become an everyday necessity… a utility like water and power. People cannot live without it. But how often have you heard the words ‘my Internet is soooo slow!’ Or worse...how often have you spoken those words? So how do you sort the AMAZING from the poor? You don’t have to be a tech-head to get it right, you just need to know what to look for, and how to ask the right questions.

Here are 7 hot tips that will have you up and racing in no time:

1. A BIGGER number does not mean a FASTER service.  One of the most important things to ask about is how consistently you will receive high performance speeds, including during peak periods. Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will quote 'up to' when advertising speeds. Take ADSL as an example. It is advertised as 'up to' 24/1 Mbps but the average Australian is on 6Mbps or less. Ask your ISP for proof of their average speeds, or whether they can deliver them consistently, particularly during peak periods.

2. Ask whether your ISP has to pay CVC charges When reselling the National Broadband Network (NBN), ISPs for the NBN, or Retail Service Providers (RSPs) as they are known, have to pay the NBN a Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) charge to access the network and deliver different levels of performance. A CVC charge is essentially the NBN’s wholesale cost to the RSPs. These charges are very high, so RSPs won’t necessarily pay the premium to deliver the premium (high) speeds that customers are craving. Alternatively, if they do pay them, costs for the faster service can be higher. The best advice is to look for high-speed Internet providers who don’t have pay these charges, such as Uniti Wireless.

3. Local customer service is a big deal When you call your ISP with a question or issue you should be able to speak with a local. We all know how frustrating it is trying to do technical troubleshooting through a cultural or language barrier. Or asking a question of someone who is on the other side of the world, following a script, who doesn’t understand the area you live in. Look for an ISP with local customer service – you won’t be sorry.

4. Make sure you have local peering Your ISP should provide fast connections to local mirror servers. What does this mean? Well, without going into all the technical detail, what you need to know is having this will improve gaming, video streaming, VoIP and many more applications we use over our Internet connections.

5. Unlimited isn’t really unlimited When choosing an ISP, it’s important to understand that unlimited is not really unlimited. This is because unlimited networks have to deal with contention, which is the amount of traffic contending for bandwidth. If everyone does not have a quota, they can continually pressure the network. If everyone is hammering the network, overall performance drops so you can’t hit the speeds you want. Be very wary of unlimited quotas for this reason. In our experience offering unlimited is little more than a marketing angle, as more often than not users do not exceed high quota plans.

6. Network ownership or control Many ISPs are simply retailers for a wholesale network. The issue here is that they can’t control quality or easily fix faults. Look for an ISP that offers an end to end service (controlling its entire or the majority of it’s network), which means it can deliver higher quality with less technical issues and smaller wait times for fault rectification should there me any.

7. Network ownership or control Many ISP’s are simply retailers for a wholesale network. The issue here is that they can’t control quality or easily fix faults. Having control of your network from end to end means an ISP can deliver higher quality with less technical issues, with smaller wait times for fault rectification. One of those providers is Uniti Wireless, who are not beholden to the Telstra or the NBN wholesale network.

When it comes to high-speed Internet, there are a lot of providers out there who promise the world, but deliver something entirely different. Make sure you ask the right questions to guarantee yourself the best service.

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