AmpliFi Your Wi-Fi and get the Internet Speed of Your Dreams

AmpliFi Your Wi-Fi and get the Internet Speed of Your Dreams

Have you AmpliFi-ed your WiFi yet? Not sure what it’s all about?

Did you know that connections over WiFi and the Internet speed we deliver to your wall-plate are two different things?

Uniti provides super-fast Internet speeds to your house via the wall-plate, but your router determines the WiFi network's speed within your home. So, for an optimal online experience, it's best to use a high-quality router that can maintain a strong signal throughout the house.

The AmpliFi Router is a great way to boost your internal WiFi speeds, supported by your Uniti super-fast broadband connection. Think of it as the cookie to your latte, or the laces to your shoes!

The AmpliFi router gives you internal WiFi speeds that you have only dreamed about and will meet all your streaming and gaming demands. No more buffering!

The MeshPoint

Ahh..the MeshPoint. Like many things, WiFi signals from your router can get distorted if they have to travel through thick walls, long hallways or up and down multiple levels. AmpliFi has you covered though, with the MeshPoint.

Unlike network extenders, when used with the AmpliFi Router the MeshPoint pushes out the boundary of your WiFi network to give you seamless network coverage. Perfect for large homes, small offices or anyone who needs an enterprise-level connection in multiple rooms.

Ready for seamless Super-Fast Broadband? Uniti is giving the customer $50 off the AmpliFi Router this May.

Head to our store and enter promo code ‘AMPLIFIME’ at checkout.