Uniti Air delivers high speed broadband

The Uniti Air trial has launched in Adelaide, South Australia. We have started connecting our first customers at 25Mbps download and 10Mbps upload with great success. Many of the sites we have connected have the potential to run at twice the speed of the plans we are currently providing. With this in mind it will not be long until we can start offering a 50Mbps plan. The Uniti Air platform is unique in that it delivers broadband to the residence or business using WiFi. This type of connection is known as fixed wireless broadband. ADSL2+ has limited speed which has well and truly been surpassed by current WiFi technology. The next generation WiFi which is commonly referred to as 5G WiFi (802.11ac) will offer even greater speeds and performance over what we can currently offer. This means very soon our network will be streets ahead on ADSL2+. Uniti Air is a great solution for areas that are in ADSL/3G/4G blackspots. Currently only available in Adelaide, South Australia and Melbourne, Victoria Uniti Air can be supplied to the many areas where they are stuck with very slow or no ADSL. Uniti Air is not only outperforming ADSL on speed but it is also available at very competitive price, compared with other offerings in the market. Check out our plans to compare them to your current plan, we think you will be pleasantly surprised. We have also found that a number of customers are switching from their existing broadband plans to Uniti, even when they aren't in a blackspot. The main reasons for their decisions to swap over are because of unreliable service quality, lower speeds or more affordable plans available on the Uniti Air network. Those customers who were investigating fibre alternatives, chose to sign up with Uniti, due to cost. They believed Uniti could offer a comparable service quality but the set-up and ongoing charges were more affordable. Another major benefit to the Uniti Air platform is our upload speed. We are currently providing two speeds, 10Mbps and 5Mbps with speeds set to increase soon. With the ever growing reliance on the cloud, good upload speeds are critical. Uploading to Facebook, Apple or YouTube is now a breeze. From what we've experienced so far there are a number of reasons why both residents and businesses are choosing to connect. It is great to see there is such a need for Uniti out there and we can't wait to continue to help others out there to connect.