“When your internet’s going well, you don’t even think about it - which is the way it should be, really.”

Marilyn and Rob can still remember the frustration of dealing with super slow internet. Stuck on an outdated ADSL connection, they’d spend hours on the phone trying to troubleshoot issues with customer service reps who were not even in the same time zone.

“Before Uniti, we had constant problems with our internet either dropping out or extremely slow speeds, to the point that we couldn’t use it at all. This was incredibly frustrating and always ended with the need for a technician to come to our house.”

Even then, getting a technician to have a look at the fault in a timely manner was next to impossible. “The wait for someone to come out could be from several days to weeks”, the South Australian couple adds.

On top of all that, Marilyn and Rob couldn’t connect the NBN as they are one of 6 houses in their area where it’s not available yet.

It seemed they were out of options and were doomed to endless buffering and dropouts. Fortunately, Marilyn and Rob were introduced to Uniti Wireless by their son, who raved about Uniti’s technology and how the company is an alternative to the NBN, saving thousands from unreliable Internet.

“Since we connected to Uniti we have had no issues at all with the Internet dropping out or with slow speeds.  It is interesting that when it’s going well you don’t even think about it (which is the way it should be, really).  Both Rob and I can be online and be working at the same time without any buffering issues at all. We are delighted with Uniti and the service we have received.”


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