New customers signing up thick & fast!

The last couple of months have been busy to say the least! The demand for Uniti Air wireless has been amazing. There have been a real mix of different customers interested in the service, proving the great need for our type of Internet service in the market. We have been able to connect every single new customer who has enquired to have the service installed. Not a bad strike rate for availability so far. Each of these customers have been more than happy with the quality of service they have received from first enquiry to the ongoing delivery of their connection. I know this might sound to good to be true but it is! And it is something we are very proud of and seek to continue as the network expands. It really is the small things that count and for us each customer who is successfully connected gives us such a great feeling. It honestly makes it all worthwhile. It also makes your day when these customers tell you, their friends and others in their network just how much they love Uniti! It is the whole reason Co-Founder Che and I set out to create this network. One of our most avid supporters are the ladies who run the newly opened 'Sass Place Co-Working Space for Women'. This dynamic team of two have established a co-working venue for women that includes a crèche. It is an amazing idea that you should have a read about here when you have a moment. Having a reliable internet connection for a co-working space is critical. As a new business Sass Place identified the Uniti Air network as an affordable way to get their premise and their 'Sassers' connected. One of the Directors now has her home connected and they regularly post rave reviews about Uniti on their social media. So keep the enquiries coming! It is a tremendous privilege to connect people, service a need and surpass their expectations.