Uniti Wireless is Proud to be a Brand South Australia Ambassador!

Uniti Wireless is Proud to be a Brand South Australia Ambassador!

Our Co-Founders Che Metcalfe and Sasha Baranikov Choose SA!


Uniti Wireless provides Super-Fast broadband to homes and businesses across Adelaide and Melbourne, with our sights set on expanding into new regions later this year. But! It is SA that we proudly call home. Launching in 2014, Uniti Wireless has grown from a bedroom start-up to an Internet Service Provider that employs more than 50 people in our Adelaide-based Head Office.

Co-Founder & COO, Sasha Baranikov believes that a huge part of the success of Uniti has been our existing networks in SA. "South Aussie customers are very loyal and supportive. Our business, especially in the early days, has grown largely from word-of-mouth. We gave people in Adelaide access to Super-Fast broadband that was both reliable and high performance. In return, they have spread the word sharing their great experiences with anyone who will listen".

Uniti is also proud to employ many talented South Aussies! “From the moment we started, we have worked to build an amazing team and culture, said Co-Founder & CEO Che Metcalfe. "Our team has been integral to fuelling Uniti’s growth. As a company, we want to be able to keep as much talent here as possible. We are so humbled to have some of the best minds in the state working for us. We could never have built Uniti alone. It has taken a team of incredibly smart people to bring this vision to life".  

Uniti Wireless is proud to represent SA as Ambassadors for Brand South Australia. Che said, “We love working and living in this great state. South Australia is ripe for entrepreneurs and startups. There is a community of proud South Aussies willing to get behind anyone ready to have a go. That culture alone can be one of the stepping stones to success. We are excited to be expanding across the country from such a solid foundation in our home state".


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