Uniti Wireless Set To Launch CommUniti

We have been working hard to bring you CommUniti and are set to launch it very soon. CommUniti is a free WiFi network in the suburbs that is free for everyone regardless of your ISP or Telco. CommUniti enables everyone to communicate over WiFi for free when on the go either visiting an area or in their own community. Each premise who signs up for Uniti Air broadband, whether it be a business or residence, can simultaneously build the free network, sharing it to their local neighbours and visitors. The CommUniti network is a true outdoor network unlike other offerings, which rely on the signal in your premise to leak outdoors. Uniti Air CommUniti hotzones provide strong coverage of up to 200m in each direction down the street from the residence or business. CommUniti is not just the Uniti Air free public WiFi network, it is also an interactive CommUniti Portal where users can find all sorts of Hyper-Local information. After signing into the network users are taken straight to the CommUniti portal. Connecting to the network allows residents to see what's happening in their local area, view special offers from traders or search for stores in their area. Future plans include classifieds, local sporting results and fixtures, entertainment guides, local content from local producers and more. The CommUniti network will evolve over time as customers sign up for Uniti Air accounts. As each customer comes on board, Uniti funds the installation of the outdoor hotzones at that residence or business. The customer does not share any of their bandwidth at all, the free outdoor network is completely separate to their connection. This means no sharing of bandwidth with the outdoor network and no security concerns. We're always open to community contribution and collaboration. If you have a content idea for the CommUniti network, drop us line! We don't bite...well not all of us :) Email us your idea at info@unitiwireless.com or call on (08) 7100 1632.