Uniti Wireless welcomes State Government’s ultra-fast network expansion


Internet Industry disruptor, South Australian founded Uniti Wireless, has experienced rapid growth since launching their ultra-fast fixed wireless broadband network in 2014. Servicing residents and businesses across Adelaide and Melbourne, they deliver an alternative broadband product to NBN retail services. “The great advantage is we’re independent, owning our network from end to end with wholesale fibre backhaul from a variety of providers. This helps us to better manage quality, performance and costs, enabling a healthy margin, which we put back into customer service and education,” says Co-Founder Sasha Baranikov, “We’re part of a wave of ISPs that are building ‘new telco economics’.” Uniti welcomes the State Government’s announcement today, which is to invest $35 million to undertake a major expansion of their existing fibre network, to be known as ‘the Fishbone’, across suburban metro Adelaide. “We think it is a great initiative, which really complements our current strategy. We are already in the process of rolling out an affordable, Gigabit-capable broadband network in Adelaide and Melbourne, working with some forward-thinking, motivated Councils,” said Co-Founder Che Metcalfe, “the Fishbone network will give us more options to deliver our ultra-fast services to South Australians to help foster innovation and bridge the digital divide.”   Background Co-Founders Che Metcalfe and Sasha Baranikov launched the Uniti fixed wireless broadband network in 2014, which has since expanded to approx. 50 staff and growing, operating in two States, with plans for National expansion this year. Consumers who have been led to believe they ‘have to’ switch to an NBN service, are surprised to hear they don’t have to if Uniti is available at their premises. They can even connect a VoIP telephone system to their service if a fixed phone line is required. Plans start from $44.95, with standard speeds of 25Mbps download and 10Mbps upload. They also provide speed boosts of 50Mbps and 100Mbps.   Additional Quotes from Che Metcalfe & Sasha Baranikov “Increasing the fibre backhaul footprint, increases the number of South Australian businesses who can access our ultra-fast services, enhancing their productivity and growth, just like we have for organisations like Brand South Australia and the Childhood Cancer Association,” says Che Metcalfe. “South Australians are in desperate need of better broadband, so it’s great to see the State Government investing in infrastructure that will support our mission to connect them to the Internet they deserve,” says Sasha Baranikov. “Success will come from working with companies like Uniti, who can take the fibre at wholesale rates and complete the last mile connection using high-performance wireless technology. The technology we have now can deliver 5Gbps, full duplex connections that are interference free. Exciting times for SA and we think the announcement today is an amazing step forward,” said Che Metcalfe.   Read more on the subject here.  

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UNITI Wireless Co-Founders, Sasha Baranikov and Che Metcalfe, are available for photos and interviews.