Uniti Wireless Wins 3rd place in the 2018 Fast Movers SA Awards!

Uniti Wireless Wins 3rd place in the 2018 Fast Movers SA Awards!

We’re excited to be one of the Top 3 fastest growing companies in SA, recognised for our exceptional growth and innovation!


As an NBN alternative, our aim at Uniti Wireless is to enable every Australian to reach their full potential. Uniti delivers the Super-Fast and reliable Internet service Australians are desperately seeking. Being awarded 3rd in the BDO Adelaide and Brand South Australia Fast Movers SA award is a testament to our team and the hard work they put in to make us the fastest growing tech company in the state!

Co-Founder & CEO Che Metcalfe said, “From day one we thought outside the box. We saw a problem and we solved it! Australia’s productivity and growth can no longer be held back by lacklustre Internet. Australians deserve access to reliable, high-performance broadband, and we are giving them just that”.

Launching in 2014, we built a fixed broadband solution that we own from end-to-end. Using a mix of state-of-the-art fixed wireless technology and fibre backhaul, we provide Super-Fast Internet to homes and businesses. We like to describe it as ‘fibre through the air’, that offers them reliable connections with speeds of up to 100Mbps. With Uniti, customers don’t need to wait for NBN services to arrive in their area, which helps to provide a real solution to Australia’s broadband woes.

Co-Founder & COO Sasha Baranikov said, “Our rapid growth has been fuelled by giving our customers an innovative solution they were in desperate need of; reliable, fast broadband that works. Our growth, in just four short years, proves that the NBN and other Internet Service Providers are not meeting the needs of everyday Australians.”

“Not only did we have a good product that met the needs of our customers, we also focused our efforts on providing unequalled service and experience,” Ms Baranikov continued. “Our team has gone above and beyond to build this company and serve our customers. South Australians are very loyal and supportive and because we continually delivered, they helped us grow our business through word-of-mouth.”

Angus Strachan from BDO Adelaide said, “Uniti Wireless’ culture exemplifies what South Australian businesses want to be. We have had an exceptionally high calibre of candidates nominated for Fast Movers SA this year, and Uniti is at the forefront of that. They’re a South Australian business taking on the big guy so-to-speak, and they are doing it better and smarter. Companies like Uniti are proof that Adelaide is a hub of innovation, ripe for investment”.

So, if you need better broadband or are in search of an NBN alternative, connect to Super-Fast Broadband that is ahead of the game. Join Uniti today!