Uniti Wireless discuss their possible Initial Public Offer (IPO)

Our Co-founders, Che and Sasha, discuss Uniti’s potential Initial Public Offer (IPO) next year.
Experiencing high growth “we’ve received an influx of inbound demand from brokers and investors. Share prices of Telstra, Vocus and TPG have all taken a hammering because of the issues they’re facing with the NBN. So people are coming to us, proposing more capital because they’re seeing the opportunity we have.
Investors in the telco sector are looking for companies which do not face the ‘headwinds’ that the NBN presents.”
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One thought on “Uniti Wireless discuss their possible Initial Public Offer (IPO)
  1. Finally someone that is understanding the issues that NBN is not the quality product that we are lead to believe, I was in the industry many years ago and saw this coming with NBN release and no one would believe it NBN is expensive and ISP will not pay for more bandwith in high traffic times hence the blame game, I believe you will thrive if not only due to the fact you have an alternative package that will compete direct to the so called fast speeds ,, I have fibre to the house nothing but trouble with it and not even connected to the service this was just the installation that Ididn’t want and then the constent letters you need to connect due to disconnection of your service but I have no services connected I have been using my mobile tethering and have been quite happy as it is portable if you guys go this way I will be very interested as I need protabiltiy,, keep it up and ignore any temptaions to grow beyond capabilities

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