What is Uniti 10G?

The Uniti 10G is a 10 Gigabit capable fixed wireless broadband network, designed to connect residents and businesses across the City of Campbelltown to some of the fastest Internet speeds in Australia! Uniti 10G is the first of its kind for a suburban community in South Australia with Phase 1 of the roll-out estimated to enable approx. 14,000 connections for properties within the Council area.

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Ultra Fast Speeds

A 10 Gigabit capable network, Uniti 10G is set to deliver the highest speed broadband available to the City of Campbelltown. Register today to be sent announcements on residential and business plan speeds and pricing! It's guaranteed to blow your mind!


Do you have multiple people, using multiple devices at home or at work? As technology improves you'll probably have even more before you know it! With Uniti 10G's future proof performance capability, buffering, slow streaming or downloads and bandwidth issues will be a thing of the past


Uniti’s mission is to enable Australian communities to achieve their full potential. Whether that be at school, socially or to help them build the businesses of tomorrow. That’s why Uniti 10G will not only deliver Ultra-Fast connections but high performance services you can afford, now and into the future

Local Set Up & Support

Our friendly, local install technicians aim to have you you up running on the same day. PLUS our superstar customer support team are local too! You'll be writing or speaking to our team based right here in Adelaide, who have all the local knowledge needed to give you the best experience possible

About Uniti

Founded in Adelaide, our mission is to deliver a super-fast, reliable alternative to the NBN, enabling all Australians to reach their full potential. We're independent and our fixed, wireless broadband network delivers the high-performance Internet that Australian communities are desperately seeking!

Real Customer Reviews

Thanks to Uniti, we feel like we’re actually living in the 21st Century. Our family and friends are envious of our reliable connection and top speeds.
Brayden & Jen

Before Uniti, every day someone in our family was complaining about the slow internet and buffering. Since Uniti we have not had a single complaint. It’s far more harmonious at home now.

Life before Uniti was full of dropouts and slow speeds. Uniti has given me the fast, reliable connection I desperately needed!


Get FASTER than Ultra-Super-Fast Internet speeds. (Did we need to ask?)

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