*PLAN SPEEDS: The advertised speeds are the maximum theoretical speeds for the chosen plan. Actual speeds may be lower due to numerous factors including your network configuration, the location and type of content, the number of users simultaneously accessing the network and the performance of third party interconnection infrastructure that Uniti does not manage or maintain. Users connecting to their customer router wirelessly may also experience slower speeds, especially using tablets or mobile phones. The maximum theoretical speeds should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision. Real world usage is unlikely to consistently achieve such speeds, due to the factors described above. For more information on speeds, please read our detailed explanation here.

THE RAPTOR: Boost your speed with THE RAPTOR and achieve up to 50Mbps* download speed. THE RAPTOR is subject to availability and can be applied to any existing 25/10 plan. Read more on THE RAPTOR here.

THE VELOCIRAPTOR: Boost your speed with THE VELOCIRAPTOR and achieve up to 100Mbps* download speed and 40Mbps* upload speed. THE VELOCIRAPTOR is subject to availability and can be applied to any existing 25/10 plan. Read more on THE VELOCIRAPTOR here.

The OWL: Boost your speed with the OWL and achieve up to 20Mbps* upload speed between 2:00am and 8:00am with unmetered quota. The OWL is subject to availability and can be applied to any existing 25/10 business plan. Read more on the OWL here.

The GALAH: A dedicated 10/10* plan which has been optimized for VoIP. The GALAH is subject to availability and can be added to any existing business plan. Read more on the GALAH here.

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Uniti Air Features

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  • Customer Support

    We strive to deliver the best customer service possible. We promise to do our best to solve any issues you experience on our network.

  • High Speeds

    Dedicated to delivering super-fast broadband, not only are our download speeds faster than ADSL, we have the best upload speeds going. Working in the cloud is a breeze.

  • Affordable

    We’ve designed Uniti Air from the ground up to deliver quality broadband that’s affordable no matter what your requirements.

  • Get It Now

    Why wait for other promised rollouts when you can get Uniti Air now. Apply for one of our affordable plans today to experience super fast broadband.

  • No Bill Shock

    There are no hidden charges or bill shock with Uniti Air. Go over your plan quota…we just limit your speed instead of charging you.

  • WiFi Experts

    Like most Australians, you probably own multiple devices that run at the same time & need a solid connection. We are WiFi experts who will get you up and running quickly without all of the headaches.

  • On The Go

    Need to connect on the go? We are building Australia’s biggest free outdoor WiFi network just for you. Learn more.

  • Event WiFi Solution

    Running a one-off or series of events and need a solution to deliver a hassle-free Internet service? Want to interact with your audience? We got the solution.

Need a mission critical highspeed business service? Uniti offers quality dedicated Business 1:1 plans, at very competitive pricing. Check out our Business Plans for more details.

We’ve designed a network that keeps pace with your future needs. As your bandwidth and speed needs increase so does our service.

Uniti Air delivers everything you need and nothing you don’t. Email accounts, no need! Phone line? Forget about it! We focus on what we do best…deliver high speed broadband at very competitive prices.

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