About Us

About Uniti

  • Customer Support

    We strive to deliver the best customer service possible. We promise to do our best to solve any issues you are experiencing with our network.

  • Affordable

    Uniti Air has been designed to deliver quality broadband that’s affordable no matter what your requirements, now and into the future.

  • No Bill Shock

    There are no hidden or extra charges associated with Uniti Air. If you go over your plan, we will limit your speed instead of automatically charging you.

  • High Speeds

    We are dedicated to delivering high speed broadband. Not only are our download speeds faster than ADSL but we also have the best upload speeds around. Perfect for working in the cloud, managing media files or using social media.

  • Get Connected Now

    Problems with your current provider? Is sloo..ooow. Want a more competitive price? Waiting for fibre to be connected? Get Uniti Today! Check our coverage map to see if Uniti is available in your area.

  • WiFi

    Like most Australians, you probably own multiple WiFi devices operating in your home or at work. Our network seamlessly supports many high bandwidth running at the same time. No buffering!

Who We Are

Uniti Wireless, your ISP with a focus on CommUniti.